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Due to many requests, the workshop is repeated on Saturday 16 February 2019.  

 Ready for change? Find your self-limiting beliefs in a FREE workshop

Next to metro Evangelismos, 51 Vasilissis Sofias, 18:00 – 20:00


More loveable, successful, empowered, healthy, happy, balanced, committed, well-off or being in a loving relationship?

Any idea what keeps you from changing? Think about this

 We do not perform to our capabilities, we perform to our beliefs.
If we think we are less than we are, we will be. Dr Melanie Salmon (founder of QEC)

Our beliefs, gained from our life experience, are stored in our subconscious mind.

Did you know that our conscious mind operates only 5% of the time, while our subconscious mind accounts for 95%? It is our subconscious that runs most of our show.

Think of your New Year’s resolution, such as choosing to give up smoking. Did you manage? Most people give up after a few days or weeks. Why? Because when your subconscious mind is not on-board with your conscious mind’s resolution, it is damn hard work to stop smoking.

If change is difficult, find out if your subconscious is sabotaging your dreams and desires.

 In the FREE workshop Ready for change? you can find sabotaging beliefs.

 This is what you can take home from the workshop:

·       Learn a technique used in Kinesiology to test your subconscious beliefs.

·       Test self-limiting beliefs.

·       Find your sabotaging beliefs.

·       Increase your subconscious readiness to change.

·       Learn how to align your subconscious with your conscious brain.

·       Introduction to Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC).

 The workshop is an introduction to an upcoming 4-day QEC training in Athens on 28 Feb – 3 March, but can also be a stand-alone event.

 The QEC training is open for everyone interested in change, for personal use or professionally. More Information on the training on

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a simple and profoundly effective tool. Dr Melanie Salmon developed the modality after years of frustration in medical practice, when she felt that giving prescriptions or using talk therapies was not meeting the needs of her patients. 

Developed from cutting edge neuroscience, the aim of QEC is to change limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of mind. Free from limitation, QEC opens the door to the life we wish to experience.

The process is easy, immediate and permanent, no matter how long the problems have been there. No lengthy talk therapy, no medication, no repetition or mantras. You don’t even need to believe in the process for it to work, because the magic happens in the subconscious, bypassing your rational mind.

Workshop by Alice Roorda, a Dutch licenced clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist (MSc, Drs, NIP), Certified TRE® Provider and QEC Practitioner, specialist in Stress and Trauma. She works abroad for the last 18 years in the humanitarian sector and mental health clinics. In Athens, she works on Stress and Trauma Release with children and adults: individual, groups and in organisations. For contact:

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