I get the best night's sleep ever and am put into a good mood to face anything. Best thing for those who have trauma - physical or psychological. Highly recommended.

— Pamela, UK

Doing TRE and QEC with Alice helped me come in touch with myself and my feelings, and feel more centred and alive in my everyday life. I strongly recommend Alice for her passion, knowledge, compassion and charisma as a practitioner!”

— Magda Godossi, greece

I was initially nervous about trying TRE in a group setting as I had very recently experienced huge personal trauma, but I found Alice's guidance so gentle and individualized that I came to thoroughly enjoy practising in a group & sharing experiences.

Alice holds the space in a very calming yet strong way and I have felt safe and nurtured in each practice.

My journey with TRE is still new, but each session leaves me feeling clearer and lighter and each time I am amazed by the bodies powerful reaction to the exercises. 

— Laura, South Africa

TRE for me worked in many surprising and positive ways. Originally it was an excellent daily stress and anxiety reducer. l then noticed a positive change in attitude from an initially unfriendly group of people with whom I had daily contact. 

As time progressed so did the deeper work on some unforgotten childhood traumas to a more recently physically and psychologically traumatic operation.

Throughout Alice skilfully and sensitively guided these therapeutic sessions.

— Liz, Australia

I am so glad I discovered TRE with Alice. I was so amazed that this healing modality existed that could release trauma, stress of any kind and from years ago.

After experiencing just 3 classes I had a huge awakening and felt such peace and harmony it was surreal.

Alice has such a beautiful approach, very perceptive and calm. Am very grateful to her for the work she does!

— Kanelli, south africa