In Tension Release Sessions you can release stored tension from stress or trauma and rewrite your life story.

Muscle testing beliefs

Muscle testing beliefs


Private Session - 50€

For people that prefer a private setting or are severely traumatised, have mental health challenges or have compromising physical issues.  

Together we decide what the best strategy is to tackle your issues. Mostly, this will be a combination of body-based tension release and mind-based tension release methods.

tension release group sessions - 15€ (or 70€ for 6-SESSIONS package)

The sessions use Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) to release tension from stress, anxiety or trauma.  A few simple exercises induce your body to a gentle and controlled tremor, allowing your nervous system to start "letting go" of past and present tension, making you feel deeply relaxed and relieved. No talking or remembering is required. 

Tension release 6-week course 70€

For people that are familiar with TRE® and can self-regulate. The course aims to improve your knowledge and self-care, giving more insight into your tension patterns, and deepens your tension release practice.  A QuickStart method will be introduced to reduce the neurogenic activation time, making it more accessible and user-friendly.  No talking or remembering required. Starting when enough interest.

Couple Sessions - 70€

You will be introduced to the science behind QEC and TRE®. The mind-based tension release and body-based tension release methods are used to detect and change the misalignment in your relationship. Focus is on the joint process, in order to strengthen and deepen your relationship.  

Tension Release Workshops for refugees/Migrants - free

A short introduction into the impact of stress and trauma and how TRE® can reverse the impact. With several exercises you activate your natural release mechanism, which will release past/current tension from stress and trauma. Gentle tremors create deep relaxation and reduce tension.  Focus is on a non-verbal, controlled and measured release, as not to overwhelm oneself.  

staff welfare workshops

For employees to reduce tension from stress or trauma -  Workshops give insight in physical-biological-neurological changes due to chronic stress and trauma and teaches how both changing thoughts and relaxing/releasing the nervous system supports recovery.  It will teach the practice of releasing stress or trauma using a body-based tension release method and introduce a mind-based tension release method to strengthen employees resilience to stress.

Workshops reduce stress levels, improve interpersonal relationships and encourage good team spirit.

Lectures on stress and trauma

The engaging lecture gives more insight into the impact of stress and trauma on our physiological, neurological and biological system. You will learn: how persistence in fight/flight/freeze responses changes your life, how the psoas muscle is your main fear muscle, how your beliefs determine your life, etc. Concluding with methods to permanently reverse the negative impact of chronic stress and trauma. Lectures can be tailored-made.

A lecture can be followed by a practical workshop.