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Change your story, change your life

We all have a story we tell ourselves. Stories about being a victim, being disappointed or treated unfairly. Stories about not being good enough, not smart enough, about feeling unlovable or unworthy. Or not being able to change or thrive.

My story was my idea that I was all alone in this world, due to early attuning issues. A story that deprived me of true connections and created a need to rely solely on myself.

What is your story?

Our stories are formed in our younger years, a time that we believe everything other “teach’ us, modelled for us, from morals to self-value. This story becomes our identity. In essence, we are living someone else’s story, the story our parents, family, teachers or friends “told” us.

Do you know your story?

Think about your emotions like irritability, anger, anxiety or sadness. Are these emotions out of proportion for the event that provoked them? Then it is likely that they are rooted in the past. Are you able to pursue your dreams, have loving relationships and be happy? If not, wonder what holds you back, what do you tell yourself?

Want to change your story?

Change your story so you can connect to your true self without the limiting beliefs you have taken in. Change, so you can become an architect of your own story. A story that tells that you believe in yourself and love yourself, that you trust others and feel safe. A story that makes you achieve and thrive.

How to change your story?

My story has changed using Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC), a technique that changed my beliefs about me and others. With QEC I was able to rewrite my story.

I became certified in QEC and use it in my practice. It’s fast and profound impact still amazes me daily. I no longer use my Cognitive Behaviour Therapy skills, as QEC is more effective. Besides, it is also highly effective in working with trauma and addiction.

What is Quantum Energy Coaching?

Dr Melanie Salmon a GP and Gestalt Therapist developed this method out of frustration of not being able to solve her own severe trauma and that of her patients.

QEC uses a gestalt-inquiry process to identify your self-limiting belief underlying your behaviour, emotion or thoughts. We then create an altered state through breathing, posture and influencing your level of consciousness. In this altered state, this state of super learning we “install” your chosen new beliefs, and bit by bit rewrite your story. You create new neural pathways and enhance neural growth. Experiencing it is the best way to understand how this process works.

In my experience, the combination of the mind- and body-based techniques are most transformative, as a calm nervous system supports the impact of new beliefs and visa versa.

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