Frequently asked questions


WHAT TO BRING to a session?

Wear clothes you can comfortably move in and something warmer to wear for floor work.  You will be on socks or barefoot. Mats are provided.

How long is a session?

A session is 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on your needs. A first session is dedicated to the intake and insight in techniques used. Together we decide what is the best approach for you. Sessions thereafter focus on releasing stress and/or trauma using grounding exercises, TRE® and QEC. 

Why is there shaking involved in TRE?

The so-called “neurogenic tremors”, help release deep chronic muscular, fascia tension and stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. The tremors cause the body to “let go” of any stored tension, giving you a calm, relieved and grounded feeling.

You might have felt this shaking before when being very nervous, anxious or in rage. People often experience shaking after surgery, an accident or a shocking event. It is your body's natural tension release mechanism, as shaking releases the excess of adrenaline and muscle tension.  

For what age are the workshops appropriate? 

TRE is for children from about age 5 to adults of any age. Children are invited for private sessions or small groups only.

How many sessions are needed to release my chronic stress or trauma?

This a difficult question to answer, as it depends on your history of stress and trauma.  Tension builds up in your body over the years. The more tension you build up, the longer it takes to release. Especially childhood trauma tends to take time to release, as it causes an imprint in your system. 

Doing TRE® 3 times a week for 20 minutes, partly under the guidance of an experienced TRE® provider to release your lifetime tension from injury, stress or trauma, might take you a few months to a year. 

Releasing a lifetime of built-up tension from injury, stress or trauma might take you a few months to a year, with the occasional exception.  On the contrary, children under 12 might only need about 6 weeks to release trauma, as their bodies release easy. 

Look at stress in a continuum; with on one side people that experience(d) stress, in the middle people that experience(d) stress plus some extra issues (like migraine, bladder problems, sleep disturbance or chronic back pain) and on the other side of the continuum people whom have (childhood) trauma, PTSD,  heart and gut syndromes (like Crohn's disease,  ulcers or interstitial cystitis), chronic fatigue (ME), fibromyalgia and more.

What traumatic experiences do you refer too?

Childhood traumas like sexual/physical/emotional abuse, (emotional) neglect, family tensions, stressed parents, separation, parents with problems like substance abuse or mental illness,  hospitalisation, violence, death, bullying, difficult birth, etc.. 

Severe injuries, accident, violence, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, war, destructive relationships,  death of loved one, social isolation, etc., etc., etc.

High correlation with physical and mental health issues later in life.

High correlation with physical and mental health issues later in life.


Why can't I find an exact address on your website?

To guide you well, I first like to know something about your physical and mental issues. This can be by filling in an intake-form or at a free short consultation, whatever you prefer. The information is confidential and won’t be shared with anyone.  We then both agree which approach is most suitable for you.  To avoid people just showing up for a group session I prefer to share the address once people are committed.  

Why is there an intake?

Why these personal questions in the intake? Well, because Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) releases tightness in your muscles and connective body tissue. Tightness that was created due to something traumatic or stressful that happened to you.  When loosening the tightness, the tension, we also loosen the related memory and emotions.  When these are traumatic memories it is key to assure this happens in a gentle and controlled manner so you don't get overwhelmed. When guided well, people seldom experience unpleasant memories or strong emotions while releasing tension. I am there to support you in self-regulating the release in a way that feels safe and pleasant to you.

The same applies to Quantum Energy Coaching, where we approach change more gentle when there is trauma involved.

You might understand that knowledge about your history will improve my guidance of you.