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tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

Chronic stress and trauma tense your body, causing suffering like sleeplessness, back pain, headache, anxiety, anger, digestive issues or burn-out.

TRE® is a pleasant and easy technique that helps you release current or past tension from stress, anxiety or trauma, without having to talk or remember. These exercises help release deep chronic muscular and fascia tension, which in turn relaxes the mind.

The innovative and easy exercises evoke a muscular tremor process,  called “neurogenic tremors”. They cause your body to voluntary shake in a pleasant and controlled manner. Your muscles “let go” of any stored tension, providing you with a relaxed, relieved and grounded feeling.

What are Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)?

There are seven straightforward exercises that activate and stretch the muscles from feet to hips. The exercises are inspired by Yoga, Tai Chi and bio-energetic.

The simple exercises prepare for a muscular tremor process, starting with slight and pleasant vibration in your legs. Once tremors are activated, your body vibrates calmly by itself. These vibrations or tremors are your body’s natural way to release tension.

In my experience, the combination of the mind- and body-based techniques are most transformative, as a calm nervous system supports the impact of new beliefs and visa versa.

What impact DOES TRE® Have?

TRE® provides inner peace and strengthens resilience. You will experience deeper breathing, feel more flexible and have more patient towards your surroundings.

Furthermore, it improves sleep, reduces stress, worries and anxiety, it eases back-, neck- and shoulder-pain, lessens migraines and is a remedy for burn-out symptoms.

The reduction of cortisol will improve the digestive and immune systems, and restores libido.

For whom is TRE®?

Originally, David Berceli, the founder of TRE®, provided specialized trauma recovery assistance (using TRE®) to US military personnel, refugees, relief/humanitarian agencies. Later he discovered that TRE® proved to be as effective for milder forms of tension as well. Thus, nowadays TRE® is used worldwide with people that suffer from stress and trauma.

TRE® is for everyone that suffers from past or present chronic stress, injury, accident, trauma, PTSD, burn-out, unresolved emotions or daily stressors.

TRE® is suitable for all ages and physical fitness.

tension Releasing sessions

A session lasts 1 to 1.5 hour. It often starts with a short introduction on aspects of stress and trauma or other relevant topics. Followed by seven simple exercises that will generate the neurogenic tremors (pleasant shaking). The volunteer shaking last from seconds to 15 minutes, depending on how much tension your body is able to release at once. Then you rest for a few minutes, to give your body time to integrate the release. Afterwards there is room for sharing experiences and asking questions.

Sessions take place in my studio in Athens centre, Illisia (close to metro Megaros Moussikis and Hilton hotel) or on location.

Please wear clothes you can comfortably move in and something warmer to wear for the floor work.  You will be on socks or barefoot.