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Alice Roorda, Certified TRE® Provider, Child and Adolescent Psychologist MSc, NIP,

I am Alice Roorda, a Dutch licensed Child and Adolescent Psychologist MSc. and Certified TRE®/QEC Provider specialist in stress and trauma. For the past 19 years I have lived abroad in Africa, Eurasia and the Middle East, where I worked as a professional in mental health clinics and in the field of humanitarian Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

Recently, I moved to Athens with my family, where I provide tension releasing sessions and workshops for the refugee/migrant/expat and the local community. I also give lectures and workshops on chronic stress and trauma to the public and humanitarian and mental health organisations.

In my work, I focus on better understanding and resolving the underlying cause of many psychosomatic complaints and mental health issues related to chronic stress and trauma.

My sincere way of working gives people the safety they need to release tension in a self-controlled and gradual manner. People coming to my workshops have mentioned to feel calmer and relaxed, released of anxiety or anger, feel less pain and behave more socially.